Which subjects of Chemical engineering should I study to be better Automation Engineer ?


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Rushi Shroff

Recently I have seen discussion on a popular forum that who is better process control engineer? A chemical engineer or electrical engineer.

Many answers were "chemical engineer". Many universities teach subjects of chemical engineering in their automation program.

Jeff Tilleman

If you are asking from a purely "process control engineering" perspective. I would have to go with chemical engineer. Like everything, words matter and are specific.

A control engineer needs to know the parameters and understand at a fundamental level what they are trying to control. Thus, if you are looking to be a control engineer in a process driven industry (making plastics, chemicals, etc.), then a chemical engineer has more training and a better understanding of that.

If instead you are doing control systems work on a electrical grid, I would go with electrical engineer.

Industries like pulp and paper lend themselves to more of a mechanical engineering background because of the heavy fluid dynamics required in the control system.

As you can see, there is no one "right" answer. The answer depends on the application and industry.