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Hugh Jack


I have had many interested replies about the GUI, especially from those who are interested in Tcl/Tk and Java methods. The level of interest in
the GUI has been so high that I think it is a good module to find volunteers for. If you are interested in developing a GUI that builds upon my code, let me know. This will allow me to get back to expanding the logic engine, and start working towards incorporating the newly
revitalized shared memory manager.

At present the connection to the logic engine is an API that is GUI friendly. It already has features that that are listed below.
- ladder diagram drawing (you need to supply a few simple drawing routines)
- ladder logic edit routines including select, copy, paste, append, insert, branch, rungs
- memory set/get routines
- program set/get routines
- logic scan

Other features that will be available shortly include,
- single step logic scan, and logic status calls (one step debugging - not available on PLCs yet)
- comments and a symbol library
- expanded function descriptions
- description typing

Features I would like to add in the next month include,
- SFCs/Grafset
- Instruction List Programming
- Function Block Diagrams
- I/O programming to interact with the SMM and other devices
- A communications layer to allow programming of a remote PLC over RS-232, Ethernet, etc.

If you are interested, let me know and I can start bundling together a formal specification for you to write GUI code to.


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