Why does an MTL 4544 card fail?

I observe that there was a high temperature reading in our process and the MTL 4544 card stopped working, all the TX connected to the card lost power. After changing it, they all got power back. Why does the card fail please?
Well, looks like some components have reached their work life and needed to be replaced (or fixed, if you know how to handle electronics) as you have said, working for 10 years already. I suggest try to replace damaged components if you still want to use it later. Some components die earlier than others. Some will die as soon as you give power to them, others in few days or months. I say you are already lucky to have an instrument that lasts for 10 years, although some might serve you longer (no two are identical in terms of work life). Unless the other MTL that you installed will die again, you have to dig deeper as some components that are connected to it might be the culprit (short circuit, grounded, etc.).
Thanks for your reply. It's clear to me now that even as I have replaced the MTL card, there's need to place order for new ones whose life span are current and recent also that I need to verify all the connection to be well grounded and clean, void of bridges and shorts. Cheers bro.