Why won't my Basic Module start in RUN ?


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Jerry Hayden

I'm try to get an AB 1746-BAS module to powerup and start the Basic program in it. I am not using an EPROM or EEPROM and right now I have it removed. I just want it to start running out of RAM. Can't remember having any trouble with 1771-DB's from years ago but this one is kicking my butt.

Surely someone knows how to do this.
Found it. Jumper JW4 must be set to "PRT1 Port = Program port with programmed communication settings"

When left at "PRT1 Port = Program port with default communication settings" than the module always starts in command mode.

Bob Peterson

Can't recall off the top of my head but there is a way to make it do this.

dip dwitch setting maybe.

or maybe a bid in the i/o table?

one problem I have seen is on startup there is some kind of error and the thing stops running becasue of the error.

Evandro Carlos Vizicato

When the 1746-BAS PowerUp , only one scan is processed. You need to add one GOTO in the last line of your program moving to first line.
This cause a infinite loop and the module remain in the run mode.