Win2000 I/O port driver?


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Bill Sturm

Does anyone know how I could read and write to a simple IO port address in a Win2000 system. I do not want to mess around with writing a "driver". I have seen universal port I/O drivers, but I cannot remember where. I do not need interrupts. A routine that emulates file IO would
be ideal. Something like IOPERM for Linux.

Any ideas...

Bill Sturm

Alex Pavloff

For Windows 95/98 and Windows NT4, I used TVicPort, available at It's a generic driver that I used to create a quick and dirty control to access some IO bits on a machine running NT4. I don't know if it runs on Windows 2000, however.

Alex Pavloff
Eason Technology

Johan Bengtsson

You will definitely need a driver, but you might have figured that out already.

Ok, that said I have once written a driver that was almost a general I/O-port driver, I might be able to find it and rewrite it to fit your needs. I am not familiar with IOPERM however.

/Johan Bengtsson

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Fred A. Putnam


We have used "Tinyport" for this very successfully. It can be licensed from the

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Tinyport is now included in our Windows 2000 and NT based process control software, LABTECH CONTROL. So, it has been tested for this application extensively and on many PCs.


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