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Hi there list,
Is there a way Windows 2000 can recognise memory segments of a non "Plug-n-play" (PNP) device or ISA device such as the GE Genius PCIM cards. It seems that Win2K recognises PNP devices only. We have a PC/PLC based control system (on a GE Genius network/PCIM) here
for the Nasa Ames Wind-Tunnels. We just upgraded from Wonderware Intouch
5.6b to 7.1 on a Windows 2000 and PIII 800Mh w/128 MB ram. The problem
is that the PCIM cards which connects the PCS and PLCS, is not being recognise by Win2k. The HMI (Intouch 7.1) network system works fine, it's just the PCIM card driver(GE I/O server) is dumping enormous repetitive unnecessary bus error messages about 400Mb per day on each PC's due to Win2k not recognizing memory segment of the PCIM network card.
One solution is to switch to Win NT according to GEFanuc Reps. Is there such a Win 2k patch to correct these without going NT?
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