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I need to make a serial connection between a modicon 984-145 CPU and a win95 PC running modsoft. but I'm having no joy, keep getting error 199..revise modbus address...

I know the modbus address is correct.
I've no problem using an old pre windows laptop running the same version of modsoft to talk to the same CPU using the same modbus address with the same comms lead. Why won't the win95 PC talk to the CPU? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Only solution is to update your Modsoft to the latest version, because the new (lat say speedy) laptops doesn`t handle the iterrupts well in the PC.

I can suggest to use at least Modsoft ver 2.62.


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modsoft experts are hi busy with it. (just for info). we use 984-685 and 984-385 with MB+, with wonderware if u have questions with it we will answer sure. thanks.

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Will the win95 computer serial port talk to anything with the com port?? Try a loopback cable and search the web for a serial port testing/monitoring program. Sounds like a bad serial port on the computer.

Paul Karnopp

First, confirm that the Win95 computer has a serial port and is set up as the same com number (COM1, COM2, etc) that your program is looking for.

Try running the Win95 computer in DOS mode. While the computer is booting, press F8 to get the boot menu. Choose to run in DOS mode. When you get the C:\> prompt, run your program like you did before.
The same message I had got using Win NT and Quantum and Momentum cpu`s. Error 199 means the pc doesn`t communicate with plc. You must do one of the following:
1.Make dual boot PC. For example MS-DOS and Win98 and start Modsoft in pure DOS. The PC will work properly with any COM (9600,e,8,1) port using Modbus protocol.
2.Install and configure "Modbus Plus" network (1Mb/s) card into your PC. It is quite expensive but then Modsoft works much faster. You would make fast "Peer Cop" logical connections between I/O`s at different PLC`s and PC`s.
3.Use newer (windows) programming softwares (984 - Concept or ProWorx, IEC languages - Concept).Any Modsoft application can be converted.



Thanks for the suggestion, i'll give it a try,
I need to run in Windows mode as I'm looking to make a remote connection via modem / telephone line ie use hyperterminal for initial dial up connection to slave modem connected to 984-145.
& run modsoft in a windows command box