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Neil Jepsen

When I boot my PC from cold, it asks for a password, which can be defeated by entering OK. I've tried several times to get rid of the
password ( It never used to be there) but cant find the right option. I've looked in passwords and several other places.
neil j
Go to Control panel -> Network ->
Remove (logon Microsoft Network)

Apply , and ok.
You'll have to restart and it's Gone.

Alex Pavloff

If it's asking for a password, that usually means that the primary network logon is set to the Client For Microsoft Networks, and that one always needs a password. One can use TweakUI (read the list archives at for the discussion we had a while back) if one actually uses the network client. If its a standalone box, change the logon to the "Windows Logon" and use a
username with no password.
Thank you to everyone who replied to my question. Indeed it was the microsoft networks which solved the problem.