WinCC 6.0 SP1 Client/Server Connectivity Problem


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I am using WinCC 6.0 SP1 server/client topology. I am having problems to connect the clients from different subnets. When using clients from the same subnet as the server, no problems at CCAgent Service (I can see the server from the clients). Connectivity is not a problem, once I can ping the server from the clients, even when in different subnets. Does anyone had this problem before?
I have asked Siemens hotline, and they told me that should be a network configuration problem and could not help by phone or mail. Do you really think that is a configuration problem at the routers?
I am not a network expert, but it seams to me that the WinCC stations broadcast the network to make them visible to the other WinCC stations and these broadcasts are blocked by the routers.
Temporarly I changed all the WinCC stations IPs to the same subnet, and runs without problems. But our customer wants to keep the stations at their original subnets.

Thanks in advance.

This is definitely a network problem and not a WinCC problem. You need to hire the services of a Network expert.