WinCC Alarm Timestamp


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Anyone can help, how to change timestamp in wincc alarm from internal PC clock to PLC CPU clock?
I do not know how to do this with a non-Siemens PLC. I am not sure that it can be done at all.

With a Siemens PLC you can simply synchronize the PLC clock with the PC clock or visa-versa. If you do not want to do that then use the feature called Alarm S. The alarms are programmed into the PLC rather than WinCC.
All alarms are therefore timestamped with the PLC clock. Of course this will only work with an S7 PLC.
In my project, PLC clock not only used in alarm but tag logging too. With c-script and ADO I can insert PLC clock manually to tag logging table, but i got problem with alarm table because its complex relational database.
You can use SFB35 (ALARM_8P) for this. Then the PLC will generate the Message with a timestamp. But it's a little bit complex, if you do not use the AS-OS-Coupling (integrate WinCC in Step7).