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Can We have two NT based systems networked using TCP/IP one loaded with siemens WinCC and the other with Siemens WinAc? if so what are the steps to be taken to share the data and emulate the PLC.

Yes, this is deffinately possible. One easy way to accomplish this is to use the OPC Channel of WinCC to access the OPC Server of WinAC.

Another way to do this is to use the S7 Softnet driver via any NIC card. The setup would be as follows: WinAC machine --> Open PG/PC
Interface --> set WinLC_0 (WinLC_0 - WinLC_8 can be used) to your NIC card. In the hardware configuration of WinAC simply add TCP/IP
"General" assigning that machines TCP/IP address.

Then on the WinCC machine simply insert the S7 protocol suite --> TCP/IP and set the parameters. This is actually easier then it sounds.

The OPC connection is by far the "easier" and "cheaper" solution due to the fact that no additional drivers are required.

Ronald Nijssen

Install SIMATIC NET Softnet TCP/IP on both systems, set the accesspoints correct and you should be able to communicate as with a normal S7, this will require 2 softnet licenses Alternative, no softnet license required, use the OPC client of WinCC and the OPC server of WinAC and DCOM. Both the OPC Client of WinCC and Server of WinAC are included in the base packages for free For detailed info on settings etc. please check the documentation or Siemens Hotline

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