WinCC and Winsock


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Theodore Arabatzis

I am trying to use the winsock activeX control from Wincc v5.1 or v6.0. I am having a problem that I am describing below:
The listener enters the listening mode perfectly OK.
The client sends the connection request.
The listener gets it, and it raises the "connectionrequest" event. According to Microsoft, within the context of this event, the method "accept" must be called in the listener. As soon as I call this method I get the OLE error 0x80020003 (member not found!!!).
The client raises the "connect" event, with status 8 (closing).
The client raises the "close" event.

This behaviour is identical in all possible combinations: winCC v 5.1, winCC v 6.0, windows 2k pro, windows 2k server, windows NT4. The winsock control always comes from visual studio 6.0. In case anybody is interested, I can e-mail the wincc project to him.
Hi Theodore:
Have you tried to use winsock control with visual studio on the same machine ? Is it working ?

Problem with WinCC (5.1); there is no Picture_OnClose event, so you have no chance to close the winsock connection correct, if somebody is changing the picture which hosts the control.

Better solution: Write a small VB6 application which does the winsock stuff and connect it to WinCC by OPC server (is on WinCC cd, no license required, if WinCC is OPC server).