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I have a WinCC application running in a Profibus network with four SIMATIC S5 PLCs. This applicatión was migrated from COROS LSB.

The PC is using a CP5613 Card, WinCC is using the "SIMATIC S5 Profibus FDL" driver with the "FDL(CP5442/A-1)" channel. In the settings of the connections to the corresponding PLC I using: Priority = Low, READ-function = OS Active (except one of them who is OS Passsive), and the respective SAP-ID´s for WinCC station and PLC´s.

Now I want to install the same application in another PC in the same profibus network (with different node address).

Could someone tell me if is possible to run this WinCC application in two or more PC´s at same time?, if yes, how can I do it, because a tried to do it but I had problems with data transfer.

The idea is, if one of them PC´s fails, the operation continues with the other one.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

bob peterson

Do you actually have two licenses for WinCC? That would be the first issue.

I don't know why you could not do what you are suggesting unless your profibus network is overloaded, which is pretty hard to do.

I am having a hard time understanding what you mean by "problems with data transfer". You might want to elaborate a bit on that.
Sounds like he wants to do redundancy. I'm sure you can't just add a second WinCC station in a redundant application.
Thank you for your reply.

About the first question, yes I have two licenses for WinCC.

About "problems with data transfer", for example when I running the other PC with the WinCC application, some status bits do not change and the display remains static (the dynamics does not work well)and some I/O displays do not change.

We want to run the application at same time in the two PC´s because some time the operator needs to see two sections of machine at same time.

Best Regards.

Wiwi Hartono

In S5, a function block FB has been programmed to communicate with the current existing WinCC. You need to have a similar FB that does the same job with the new WinCC (new node address). When using Profibus FDL, programming is always required unlike Profibus DP.
Example, to transfer data between 2 PLCs via Profibus FDL you have to program both PLCs to send and receive.
Thank you Wiwi,

In effect, in the four PLC´s of my application have been programmed the FB to communicate with WinCC. original those FB´s were used with COROS LSB communicating with three PC´s in different numbers node (01, 03 y 05).