WinCC as Modbus Master and a DCS slave


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Background: Siemens PCS7 ver 5.1. with a 414 CPU and CP 441-2 having X-27 (RS485/RS422) interface module configured as Modbus Master. The X-27 interface has a 15 pin connector. I would like to emulate the DCS slave with an emulation software I could download from the net.

First question:
The problem is connectivity of X-27 to com port on the PC. What kind of pin-out I can use (w.r.t. either of 9 pin/25 pin com ports). I guess I need an RS485 to RS232 converter. The only converters I could get my hands on had 9 pin/25 pin endings.How do I handle the 15 pin thing?

Another question: If I want to use WinCC as a Modbus Master:
i)How should I go about simulating the slave with the emulating software residing on the same PC as WinCC(as component of PCS7).
ii) Would I need a license for WinCC as a Modbus Master.

I hope I am lucky with answers as a newly registered troubled soul!!

Thanks for reading

Zan Von Flue

For the first question see the HB:
The pinout 15pole is there, about P.270 . Normaly a RS485 can also RS232 when the R(B)- from both are connected.
but for the rest I don't know.

and search. maybe it'll help

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