WinCC database access by VB


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David Fowell

We would like to send data into the WinCC database using VB6 but are unable to find information about the database format and protocol to use.

kalpak dabir

sorry to get personal but it seems Siemens intends to keep this as top secret. Neither by website query or phone calls to their local office over the past month has got me any response.

Ronald H. Nijssen

The Databse is ODBC compliant. It is easy to find the ODBC DSN name and use Microsoft Data Access functions in VB to access Data in the database. Depending on the version of WinCC one or 2 DSNs exist for the Configuration and Run Time Database. Ronald

Frank Iwanitz

I am not very familar with the winCC database access. But I know that winCC exposes data as opc server. Try the opc interface, i.e. data access. You can either use the automation interface or actrivex controls. If you need more info (about opc), please feel free to contact me directly. Frank

Ronald H. Nijssen

Sorry to get personal, I answered this question last week already. The WinCC product has an Open Sybase ODBC compliant Database. WinCC automatically adds two DSN's in Windows NT ODBC 32 Configuration for ODBC access to both the configuration and runtime database In addition on the harddisk you will find an interactive database explorer that is automatically installed with WinCC: go to: <Drive:>/Siemens/Common/sqlany/scview.exe, log on as "DBA", password SQL, you will see the Database engine running and you can explore both Database while WinCC is running. This will give you all information about the Tables and Historical Data The Sybase Database is based on the NT Network paradigms you can create DSN's to Databases on other PC's if you have SQLAnywhere installed. Ronald

Maguire, Kevin

I'm sorry that you're having trouble getting an answer. A query of "WinCC" generates over 3000 entries in "Northern Light Search". Many of them will get you to the customer/product support pages. The following link will take you to a contact page where you can find contacts in any country. 0=-0-1-288-328-331-&nodeID0=4000529&aktprim=2&nodeID3=h0001&siteid=cs&nodeid2=h0014 If you still have trouble finding help, contact me personally by email and I will ensure that you receive a call. I work for Siemens in the US. Sincerely, Kevin Maguire