wincc flexible 2008 with s7


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hi to all!

i am reading some manuals about wincc and they only make panel operators tutorials. i would like to know if someone has experience with pc/plc scada. I just want, for example, to create a variable in wincc workarea and address it to my plc s7-300 digital inputs, i mean how to configure it. any help would be great.


Gabriele Corrieri

Hello Franciscom

by default you can't address directly I/O (read or write) unless they are linked do something such as a DB or Merker, you can easy copy your entire I/O workspace into DB and point Wincc directly to DB ...)

Hope this helps

Hey Gabriele, thanks for your help

if not much could you please explain a little about addressing in wincc flexible. What I see is DB0 DBW1 but do not understand the syntax or why those numbers. In the variable editor on wincc I see the following window:

I do not understand exactly what you have to put in those clauses (1, 2, 8, any number?). You tell me I can not directly address the i / o, but I see that I can put in the range Q and I as options and these are inputs and direct outputs or not? ...

I've also seen dbwx
Would greatly appreciate your help as I'm still looking for information but can not find it, try to progress slowly and I was stuck in this.

Thank you very much for your time and help. Greetings