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Conny Karlsson


I am trying to install WinCC Messenger (an addon for Simatic WinCC). I am using Windows 2000 and WinCC version 5.0 (which should be ok with WinCC Messenger). WinCC Messenger has a version of 2.0.

I can't even get the addon installed because the setup immediately complains that there is no mail system installed on my computer and then exits the setup program. It obviously needs a mail system as the purpose of WinCC Messenger is to send e-mails automatically or normally from WinCC Runtime projects.

Now - my computer has access to the Internet and I have set up Outlook Express to send and recieve e-mails from and to my e-mail account. This works just fine. I also tried to install some shareware e-mail server programs on my computer (a mail system) but this did not enable me to proceed with the installation of WinCC Messenger.

I've tried to search the Siemens websites for information but have found none that would help me past this problem.

So - if you know what I should do to get WinCC Messenger installed - then I'd really appreciate if you replied to this message.

Thank you in advance, Conny.
Why don't you just ask Siemens. The Siemens premium hotline is excellent, however it costs a few bucks (appr. US$ 50 - 100) to immediately (within 2 or 3 hours) get an answer. If time to solve a problem matters this is the way to go.

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Better yet if you call the U.S. number 1-423-461-2522 or 1-800-333-7421 if you are in the U.S. you can probably get the answer free.



Dear Conny,

WinCC Messenger V2 SP1 has just been released which is released for Windows 2000.

It will accept Outlook Express as the Mail server.

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