WinCC - OLE initialization failed


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Zoran Zuber

I need a big help.

I have on my machine XP_SP2 and I have had WinCC V6.0 SP2 installed on my laptop and was working fine.
Suddenly, I can't open the projects in WinCC.
When I try to open the picture in graphic designer I get this message:
"APConnect failed, Error: The script control was not started. Check whether or not WinCC has been started, Code:7"

I have try to deinstall and install WinCC again but there is no help.Even during the installation and deinstallation I get this message:
"OLE initialization failed."
I don't know what to do. HELP

Engelbert Rodríguez

Check the user rights and permissions. Be sure that the user belongs to the WinCC grops and see that you have full access to the hard disk. Don´t know excatly this error message, but some times these extrange "NOT DOCUMENTED" errors happens for that.


Engelbert Rodríguez
I have the same problem. Windows is SP1 WinCC is SP3. I got this problem after script system crashes and I try to restart the project.