WinCC on Dual Monitors


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In my current project, I have to show the graphics on the Dual Monitors but cannot use the OS-Editor. Is there anyway, this can be achieved??

Mathias Lindgren

Create a new WinCC picture. Set the size of that picture to same resolution as your dual head graphics card. For example if you have 1024
by 768 pixels * 2 (2048*768)then set the size: Picture Width 2048 and Height 768.
Then insert two Picture Windows with the size ofh 1024*768. Then define starting pictures for both of them.

Create a "dummy" project and try the OS-ProjectEditor to see what i mean, look at the @screen.pdl.

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Mathias Lindgren
Dual or quad monitors is a standard feature of WinCC. I am not sure why you cannot use the editor but you need it to make this change.

Dobrowolski, Jacek


I've seen a dual head graphic card (like Matrox Millennium G450) used for that + some WinCC scripting to manage independent picture on each one monitor. Could you provide more details about what you want to achieve? Then maybe I could be more helpful.


Jacek Dobrowolski