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Branko Labinac

I'm asked to export a trend range displyed on the screen to a csv file. I spent some time with WinCC and I found out that there is no function for it. I would like to avoid complicated programming in C (also becouse our client intents to make modifications). Is there a way to make it simple? Or maybe a simple function to get data from archive?

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The trend data will be logged in the database so if you have past experience of database querying then it's v. simple to export the data to a csv file. you can do this export from a WinCC script, a VBS file or any other program that supports ODBC/SQL (e.g. Excel, VB, Web Page, etc.)

There are examples on the support cd or support website (if you don't have the cd) at

There are C functions included in the ODK package but to use these functions usually require a good knowledge of C so it may not be feasible for yourself.

Finally, as you may be aware, there are a whole host of add-ons for wincc so there may be one to do this export for you. please check out the add-ons list at

hope this helps