WinCC's Reporting Tag Logging Runtime failure


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Oscar Rueda

I'm learning to work with WinCC 5.0 and I've got problems doing tag logging runtime reports. I've created a Dinamic table in the report designer, but when I tried to connect the table with the tag in the process value archive by using the "add..." button, the selection tag dialog box didn't show up. Obviously, I've created a tag archive within a process value archive and it is working without any problems in trends and tables during runtime sesions. Then, what I'm doing wrong?, Is it a bug? P.S. I'm working with a Siemens S5-95U PLC, using the AS511 programmers port driver

Maria J Palacios

I have exactly the same problem, although the answer of the Siemens hot-line is "we are doing something wrong". Any help will be welcome. We are using an stand alone system with WinCC v5.0

Steve Snodgrass

Well, you aren't really doing anything wrong, just when you pick on the ADD button WinCC opens the dialog for archive selection, not just the tag database, you then select an archive where the tag you want is and the list of tags in that archive will show up. Select the tag and you are there.

Steve Snodgrass

If several people are seeing the same problem, and I am not then it might be the release I am running---- ver 5.0 sp1 hotfix3. The hotfix3 is available from ISBU's website.
Dear Mr. Snodgrass, I wrote about the WinCC problem, you tell me that I could do, but I search all around the web and I couldn't find the ISBU web site nor the hotfix3. Then could you please tell me the ISBU adress? or where can I find the hotfix3 and the SP1? Thanks a lot Oscar Rueda

Richard Pagano

Had the same problem. You have to install the German language. Because the pop up screen where you select the tags have heading in German. If the German language isn't installed this won't be displayed.