Windows 2000 and Wonderware InTouch 7.0


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Shawn Rimmell

Has anyone had problems using Windows 2000 as the OS running Wonderware InTouch 7.0?

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Donald Pittendrigh

There is a patch which must be loaded. Contact your nearest wonderware integrator, if you get no joy contact me on donaldp(at) and I will give you an FTP server address to download it from.

Donald p
Personally haven't tried it but have heard horror stories on a variety of fronts.

I run it on XP with only a few problems in Windowmaker. The latest patch seemed to help some.

Hi Shawn:

If you want to work with w2000, you need InTouch 7.11.

No problems until now.

Aquilino Rodriguez

This is not supported, InTouch 7.0 has many MS dll conflicts with NT 4.0 SP6. So chances are you will def have these problems too with Windows 2000 and 7. Wonderware even has

If you go to 7.1 no conversion of your application will take place between 7 and 7.1. Although Windows 2000 SP3 is the highest SP you can go to.

7.11 will require a convertion for alarms.


we use it thru out our plant and have had no problems,it runs 24/7 and doesn't stop.

Since my earlier posting I contacted wonderware about upgrading my 7.0 to 8.0.

The response I got from the person I talked to was that unless you have converted to Win 2000 or XP to stick with a release no higher than 7.11. According to them 8.0 is to provide support for the new OS systems only and is not backward compatible.

The only problems I have noticed with XP is some flakyness with windowmaker that causes it to crash if you try to select windows or items in the navigation bar on the side.


Brian Butler

Hi David....I'm having problems opening projects with 'Find Application' in the Intouch Windowmaker. I have Versión 7.11 but suppose I need that parcg you're talkin about :SP6