Windows 2000 Drivers for HMI Running Cimplicity

We have a desktop HMI (cimplicity) running Windows 2000 (Pentium 4, 1.2GB RAM) coupled with a MARK VI control system. The desktop is having issues and causing the Cimplicity program to keep crashing.

A Siemens simatic IPC347E rack PC was purchased with the idea of transferring the windows 2000 hard disk to the simatic. The problem of drivers (LAN,Graphics etc) is the challenge i have, as siemens has no support for windows 2000. There is no plan to upgrade the OS yet so the idea of bringing in GE for the that is shelved for now.

Has anyone had the problem were the cimplicity program
<i>cimview.exe</i> keeps crashing?

Does anyone use/have generic drivers for graphics, LAN for windows 2000?
I do not have any special drivers or software.

I have virtualized many older HMI's like this specifically GE HMI's running windows NT, windows 2000 and Windows XP. There are little "Tweaks" needed for each version, but using VMware I have had excellent success. I have done this for systems using the MKVI, not anything for the MKV that needs a special arcnet card. OS versions running windows XP or newer need a hardware key for TCI to operate. In your case it sounds like something on the old machine may be corrupted if cimview is crashing. It would be difficult to explain the process here in the forum, but virtualization is the route I would go.

Just to let you know that we can provide new HMIs for MKVI using new computer hardware, latest cimplicity version, windows 10, etc.

The communication is based on two OPC servers; one for EGD and the other is for alarms.

let me know if you are interested.

I have not worked with a computer that old in some time. My recommendation would be to at least move to Windows 7. There are too many security and obsolesce issues. There are a few different businesses (Non-GE) that can help you with new PC configurations. My guess is the cost would be ~$20K/PC all included.

However, in the mean time, you can look at the cimplicity status log to see why it keeps failing. That might might guide you a little.

Do you or your company have a website we can go to for more information?

How does your HMI display Process- and Diagnostic Alarms?

Does your HMI require a GE HMI to serve as a gateway?

Can Toolbox be loaded on your HMI and used for troubleshooting, LVDT calibration, DLN tuning, etc.?

Please provide more information, or a website where people can get more information.

Thanks, and best of luck in your endeavour!