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Dear Friends
In a small project, lat years ago, I built a IO card for my pc (with interrupt input) and write my program in dos (with c++), now in windows I want to upgrade my last program but I cant access to interrupts in windows. Now I think that I must write a device driver for my card and define event for my card in windows but I did not understand the way of it. I will be so thankfull if anyone show me some resources on the web to help me and I can use my card in windows and define event for it. I know both VC and VB.


Ali Jazbi
If you are a VC++ user, you should have a copy of the MSDN CD's. These outline the requirements, which are quite different depending on WHICH windows platform you are targeting. The necessary toolkits are available from MS.

You will only be able to do this with VC++, thoreticly other C tools should work, but you know how it is with MS. If you want your app to be in VB, then you must essentially make the handler and a DLL with C and just leave VB with the top level stuff.

BTW, If you are not tied to windows, you may like to know that writing installable kernel modules (aka dynamically loadable device drivers) under Linux is much simpler. Everything you need from dev tools througth to documentation will be found in a full Linux installation such as SuSE, bit not necessarily much documentation on kernel module programming in the cut down versions given away free on mag covers, but nonetheless downloadable from .

Jerry Baucum

roger Irwin wrote:
> BTW, If you are not tied to windows, you may like to know that
> writing installable kernel modules (aka dynamicly loadable device
> ...

If interested in Linux DD then recommend:
Linux Device Drivers by Alessandro Rubini O'Reilly press, available from Worth the money


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Search the microsoft site for the keyword CreateFile AND FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED. Concentrate about overlapped IO. This should get you
No matter which windows platform you use you will run into the problem of interrupt latency.

That is your system might call for an interrupt, but higher priority interrupts within windows will prevent your code for running for a period of time. It could be nanoseconds or milliseconds. It depends on a lot of factors.

Only you can decide if the time delay is a critical problem to your application.