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Dear list
I wonder if someone could help me please.
I've been happily using RSLinx comms on Win98 but I've just put a different hard disk in my laptop running NT4. I want to use an RS232 DF1 driver but when I try to add it in Linx I get the message
"RSLinx failed to configure the COM port (the COM port may already be in use)". I suspect this is due to my lack of knowledge of NT rather than Linx but I don't believe I'm using COM1 for
anything else! I know the COM port itself is ok because it works fine with Win98. Thanks in advance for your help.
Regards David
Check the service pack you are using. I think there were problem with SP4 and RSLinx.

Allan Dow

Fred Chwalek

Check to see that no other applications are running using that com port, maybe from your startup folder. Look in Task Manager, (CTL
ALT DEL, Task Manager.)

David Lawton Mars

Thanks for your response. I eventually tracked the problem to the fact COM1 BIOS settings didn't match my port settings in control panel (BIOS IRQ4, port IRQ15). Considering I bought the PC with everything pre-installed I'm not too happy it was set up wrong in the first place to be honest (black mark for Dell).
As soon as I put the IRQ4 in BIOS - bingo! Nothing to do with Linx after all.
Just thought I'd feed that back to the group in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Ranjan Acharya

We had a similar situation the other day with a COM port being seized by another package.

Look for a Palm Pilot link, downloader to another PLC or something like that taking the COM port even if it is not active. Look carefully at your
control package, do you have a Palm Pilot link (re-assign the COM port or disable / remove the service) ? Do you use Siemens S7 programming tools that take control of COM1 for an MPI link (disable MPI, only allow PROFIBUS or Ethernet) ? ...

Could be any "serial appliance" (sorry about the "a" buzz word) ...