Wire markers that work and stick?

I work in the oilfield and primarily on Turbines for power generation, compressors or pumps. When we do major overhauls on any of our 53 GE Frame V, 17 Ruston TB5000 etc I have to strip everything down and many times the wire markers are cooked/baked and fall off. I have tried a couple brands of peel and stick around the wires for LVDT's, Speed pick ups, RTDs etc but none want to stick to the wire or the marker itself. Sometimes I resort to writing on fiberglass tape so it does not fall off the wire when having to pull it back through the conduit. I was wondering if anyone had some type of bullet proof wire markers that can be applied quickly during disassembly. I know in the perfect world I would take the time to print new heat shrink labels or something like that but time is what we dont have when a major overhaul or hot gas path inspection is going on. Anyone have any real world sugestions?

Up until you said the wires had to be pulled through a conduit I would have suggested these sleeves (Brady, Partex and others do them too)

Advantages are labels can't fall off a terminated wire, you can fit the sleeves over the wires during wiring and insert the labels later. Labels can be removed without disconnecting the wires. Labels are protected from touch. No adhesives. Sleeves can easily be rotated and slid up the wire for label viewing in tight spaces and if you don't have a printer on hand you can write a label and insert it.