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I am wondering if anybody knows the name of a certain type of wire marker. Its used in many foreign panels. Shiny white labels non shrinkable and they mostly just fit snug over the spade or ring terminals. I know weird question but I can not find the type of these labels and I really like them. Lots of Japanese and Taiwanese panels??

Bob Peterson

There are several companies that make slip on wire markers. Brady comes to mind. There are not real common in the US because the labor involved in using them is rather high, and we tend to use longer wire numbers here.

The ones from Brady actually clip on rather than slide on so they are a little less labor intensive. They call them Clip Sleeve markers. You could Google them if you are interested.
CTK Hotmarker, a Japanese company makes a very good hot foil stamping machine for marking PVC tubes that slip over the wires. Brady used to sell a private labeled CTC Hotmarker that was called a Brady Hot Marker. At one time there was a CTC distributor in CA.