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Fred Chwalek

This may sound ignorant but here goes. What happens if I take some 10-3 SO portable cord and strip off the outside jacket to use the three conductors inside as standalone wiring? I am wondering about the rating of the insulation of the separate conductors inside the outer jacket? Fred Chwalek Applications Engineer Beacon E-Commerce, eFilter Division Voice: (704) 398-7916 Fax: (704) 398-7822 Email: [email protected]
If you have the material handy, look at the individual conductors, voltage rating should be marked on each one. SO 10/3 rated 600 V in Anixter book but larger gauge like 4/0 GGC dual rated 2000/600 with outer jacket. So, check the material. Al Boake P.E. [email protected]

Hank Skorija

Insulation rating on wires per the NEC and UL is determined by the insulation thickness on each individual wire. When wires are cabled different evaluation criteria are made based on the application of the cable (NEC) and the ambient environment into which you expect it to be installed. I'd recommend that you refer to wire ratings in the code. As a suggestion, it's probobly alot cheaper to purchasse single conductor wire with 600V insulation. It's called MTW or motor lead and appliance wire. You can buy it from any electrical distributor in a wide range of colors.