Wireless Communications in Automotive Industry

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Ing. Fernando Navarro Hdz

Does anyone know where can i find information about the use of wireless technology in automotive industry.

Grigory Ter-Akopov, Vega Company, Ukrain

We work with wireless Scada 5 year and our opinion : best solution is Moscad from Motorola ( www.motorola.com). If you want SCADA over GSM you can find example and solution on www.klinkmann.com
Be careful - SCADA over radio very special.

Best regards,
Grigory Ter-Akopov.
Vega Company,Ukraine

Carlos Araya \(PLC INT'L\)

I no agree with the Motorolo products, the solution is hardware and software propietary. Try wireless radios from CISCO (Building-to-building) in 2 and 5GHz. We also use the Data-Linc radio in 920KHz in SCADA systems. We have many electrical substations runnning with this technology and some pole control (reclosers) in elect. distribution nets. (www.data-linc.com)

Good luck!

Carlos Araya Mackenney
Automation Manager - PLC International S.A.
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