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I am trying to link 4 wyse 55 dumb terminals to a central server via both cable and/or wireless. I am presently using a Proxim Inc. wireless transceiver, however it does not have the range I need @ roughly 500 ft. I would like to locate a wireless tranceiver system that will work at up to 1200ft or more. I am also in need of a RS232 smart switch at a more reasonable cost than that offered by B&B Inc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Adrian Moore

What environment is this operating in? office? building to building? as there are several options for Radio or maybe if you have a clear line of sight you could consider freespace optic or infra-red. I have assumed that the Terminals shall be 9K6 connections maximum and therefore you would need a 64K interconnection between terminals and server. I know of several products to solve this problem including a 4 channel Asynchrounous 9K6 to 64K aggregate MUX. I don't know the price of the equipment you have looked at but this kit is reasonable. Email me at [email protected] and I shall directly email some information to you.