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Leonardo Pina

Actually the industrial interest is about the wireless technologies. I am doing a research of the latest technologies for connect via wireless the sensors with the PLC (or another controller), or smart sensors with the IEEE´s standard 1451 that can be connected using Bluetooth, or another open protocols that can be used for. I apreciate information about that.

Jake Brodsky

These are all very cool technologies. HOWEVER, I always add a standard disclaimer to them which most people overlook:

These are unlicensed devices!

Can they transmit the data you seek reliably? Yes. At high speeds? Probably. Would I trust a mission critical application to it? No way!

In nearly every country that allows these sort of devices, unlicensed radio applications also imply no coordination and no protection from interference. In fact, many countries also stipulate that if these devices interfere with a licensed service in any way that you are legally bound to shut these devices off.

That said, if you have a non-critical application, yeah, these devices have lots of promise. I've seen some impressive performance from 802.11b devices, and of course everyone is touting Bluetooth. Just remember my caveat...