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Jonas Berge

I need a licensed Ethernet radio for the 400 MHz band. It shall be "industrial grade" with coverage in terms of kilometers.

All I see on the web is 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz.

Please advice if you know of any. Vendors, feel free to contact me directly.

Jonas Berge
[email protected]
Wireless Ethernet is a contradiction in terms. You probably need a TCP/IP capable radio. Ethernet - IEEE 802.3 is only defined over real wires, whereas Wireless LAN is IEEE 802.11 - several flavors)
Proxim used to make some 400 mhz stuff, I think.
Not sure about the range. They may have some lying around. Check proxim.com

Contact Motorola regarding radios in the UHF band (400MHz) to see if their radios will pass TCP/IP protocol - you are probably looking at 802.11a/b/g flavors, if you need immediate answers contact
TLECC at 303-697-0440 ask for MIke Richardson, he can fill in csome of the details regarding Motorola radios will work in this scheme.

Jonas -

I would assume that you already have a valid FCC license, since getting a clear 400 MHz frequency can take up to 2 years. Try Zetron - they manufacture communication systems licensed to Motorola as well as their own branded wireless products that work nicely with Motorola products. <http://www.zetron.com>. Also, Black Box makes some Wireless Campus Network Hardware that they could design around your frequency requirements, and it shouldn't be overly pricey.