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Sushant Chanana

Hello Friends,

I'm having an application wherein we have measure level in a isolated tank inside the plant. The distance of that tank is around 400 meters from the control room. We don't want to lay the wire for a single transmitter.

What are the ways with which we can measure the process parameter. Scan time is not critical for us.Therefore, we can go battery powered transmitters which can give us values after certain period of time.

But here my concern is if the wireless communication is reliable considering the industrial environment composed of so many random sources of noise.

Sushant Chanana ([email protected])
I think wireless is a good choice provided you have a line of sight or without too many obstructions. The spread spectrum radios shouldn't be effected by noise.


Sushant Chanana

Hi Roy,

Here problem is that line of sight is obstructed with process equipments.
What you suggest we should do?

Sushant Chanana (sushant.chanana [at] sedl [dot] in)