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I am electronic engineering final year degree student. I am doing final year project about the wireless traffic light monitoring system using VB
6. Do you have any idea or solution on how to interface the wireless signal (using remote control for car) to the parallel port of computer
using Visual Basic 6 ?

Richard Diotte (Control-Tech RS)

I just finished a little project using VB6 and Parallel port interfacing. I found all necessary information in the book (Parallel Port Complete) from Jan Axelson, Maibe you don't need to buy the book, go to "http://www.lvr.com":http://www.lvr.com her
website :)
Have Fun

Johan Bengtsson

- How to access the parallel port in VB? (btw, what OS are we talking about? NT, W2k and XP are really tricky, W9x are somewhat easier)

- The electronics needed for making signals go from the parallel port to an existing wireless sender

- The electronics needed for making a wireless sender

- The electronics needed for making signals from an existing wireless reciever go to the parallel port

- The electronics needed f|r making a wireless reciever

- Something else

It would probably be easier to use the com-port if that is an option.

/Johan Bengtsson

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