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I would like to know whether wireless plants will be the future technology . How far is it feasible . Is there any research going on, in this field or is it because of the probable health hazard
by electromagnetic waves that makes research in this area a taboo. Some people may also be interested to protect the cable industry. Any way by inclusion of fieldbus technology by most of the vendors single pair twisted screened cable
is widely used. Multicore cables are used only in ESD or F&G systems to maintain the reliability and ease of trouble shooting .

At our facility, we have no plans for wireless at this point. We have 2-way radios on all of our management and maintenance personnel. The RF thrown by these things wreaks enough havoc with 4-20 loops, etc. without throwing wireless data transmission into the mess.

Lamoreaux, Matthew

There are some significant differences between narrowband RF signals (such as two-way radios) and spread spectrum wireless technology, making the spread spectrum technology much more
reliable in terms of interference. Now whether spread spectrum would influence 4-20 mA loops, is another question. A recent article in InTech magazine provides an overview of wireless in control applications. A sidebar to the article does point out that solar storms can present a potential danger to any kind of RF signal. Here's a link to the article online:

Matthew Lamoreaux
InTech magazine--an ISA publication