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I would like to know any company that could help me with wireless profibus solution to be used to transmit signal between two S7 PLC's

Daniel Chartier

At one point we did a project evaluation for a client incorporating Profibus wireless transmitters from Satel ( "www.satel.fi":http://www.satel.fi ) a finnish telecomm company. The project aborted unfortunately, so I can't give you an evaluation of the working product. But it is the closest I found on the web for our application needs.

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Daniel Chartier
Wouldn't it be better to use an industrial ethernet network between the controllers instead of a profibus network?

Why would you consider going wireless for PLC communication BTW?

As marked earlier, which distance & circumstances ?

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Stefaan Van Eenoo

Chad Markovich

Phoenix Contact has a device that supposedly transmits full bandwidth Interbus or Profibus via infrared up to 200 meters line of sight.

Chad Markovich
Northwest Controls
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We ran into the same problem about three years ago. Due to Profibus’s inherent nature to not tolerate delays in communication, we could not implement Profibus over any type of radio or landline modem. The only solution at that time was to convert the communication network to Siemens Industrial Ethernet and use spread-spectrum ethernet radios. Seimens was very interested in our results as this gave them the affordable wireless solution that they were missing. Please e-mail me if you require additional information.

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Konrad Heidrich

We have a Profibus Radio Bridge running with up to 187.5 MBit/s in a Multi Master- or Single Master System. It runs with all Siemens Profibus components. You may contact me for more details if you are interested.

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Konrad (k.heidrich @helmholz.de)

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

This question was asked very recently and the phoenix unit was recommended, it goes at speeds up to and including 1.5M over 200m.

Donald Pittendrigh

Thomas Schildknecht

> Do you know any wireless profibus bridges running at higher speeds than 180kbit/s?

Our Radio link system DATAEAGLE DE3000 runs at Masterside with 12MBit with one Slave after the radio link side or the modell DE 3001 with 93,75kbit transparent. In developement is a 187.5kbit version in 2 month ( yet available as MPI transarent)
I have not haerd, that there is a transparent!! system availible with higher speed than 187.5kbit