Wireless TCP/IP Transmitter / Receiver Combination


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Brian Canna

We recently designed a cell culture system that controls very basic control and alarming parameters. We standardized the communication protocols to Modbus 422, 485 and Modbus TCP/IP. A customer wants to connect multiple units to a SCADA system via wireless connection because the units are mobile. What is the best way to connect Modbus TCP/IP wirelessly to a Siemens building management system or SCADA system?
A modem converts one communications medium to another, like in the old days, a PC's binary RS-232 to modulated analog tones for telephone line transmission, and then back to serial on the other end.

A pair of wireless Modbus modems will convert from wired Modbus/serial/TCP to wireless and back again on the other end.

Then it becomes the chore of the SCADA or Siemens BMS to cope with Modbus.

There are commercial protocol converters that convert from Modbus to another protocol, should the SCADA/BMS choke on Modbus.
Yes, Prosoft products always seem to be work well and are well supported.

Haven't tried the TCP version yet, but Digi makes some nice data modems and I can vouch for the 232/485 version (XTend series). They're inexpensive and work well.