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We have an application that requires a single alarm point (wet well high level) be transmitted from a STP at a hotel to the front desk. The plant is about 1000' feet away from the office where the 24 hour attendant sits. We need a system that has a built in watchdog that will alarm if communication is lost. Power supply is available at both ends of the system. The hotel is new construction and has a large amount of structual and metal stud in the lobby. We are looking for hardware and system recommendations.


packaged, commercial solution:
Phoenix Contact one-way industrial radio


Go to "wireless interface" one-way monitoring

Wet well area needs either Ac or 24Dc power to run the transmitter, which take a dry contact input.

Receiver mounts at the attendant station, it needs 24Vdc power; dry contact output.

The one-way radios are easy to install, and work very well. We've used them at ranges of 3/4 mile with the standard omnidirectional antenna.

Good stuff.

Is it really a must to go wireless?? Or is it possible to route 2 wires from the well to the front desk? Then I would suggest a fairly cheap 4-20mA loop. These are very robust, and can handle large noise signals, beside that you can detect if the loop is broken, by absense of the 4mA. Just an idea... this will probably be a solution in the area of 200 bucks.

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