Wireless Transmitter for High Temperature Application


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We need Suitable Instrument for following Rotor plate. This Rotor Plate inside the reaffinate liquid solution. Pressure vessel with very high temperature 350 F and Pressure 350 psi. and the instrument is Immerse in the Raffanite liquid solution surrounding temperature 350F.

There is one track plate in the bottom of rotor plate. There is one Teflon plate in Between the Rotor plate and the Track plate. We need to measure the thickness of the Teflon plate.

If the leakage happens due to tearing of Teflon plate we need to measure the leakage. For that purpose we will looking for wireless instrument.

If you have better option we are open for your ideas. Instrument needs to be explosion proof box and IP 67.

We are looking for Wireless instruments which can give the signal out to the pressure vessel. Please suggest us suitable instrument.