WIZCON - TSX37(micro) - Leased line problems


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Karl Mot

We are using 2 Multitech LL Modems ( a MT2834BL on one side and a MT5600BL on the other end of the leased line. The TSX37(micro) is equiped with a PCMCIA TSX SCP 111 card.
The communication is OK, tested with 2 PC's using hyperterminal.
In Wizcon we use the following drivers: VPINUM.DLL for UNI-TE or VPINMR.DLL for Modbus.
We allready use UNI-TE protocol in direct communication (without modems) in an other application and it works perfectly.

Brian Peck Northeast Utilities

I would suggest that the problem could be due to hardware handshaking between the PLC and the Leased Line Modem.

Try configuring the modem to force the Clear To Send signal to ON. Depending on the manufacturers this might be called CTS or CS.

Brian Peck
Northeast Utilites