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Is there a good graphics package that I can buy to import into Factory Suite?
We want to start jazzing up our screens, they're pretty dull now.
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Anthony Kerstens

Reichard at www.reichard.com

Generally speaking, bitmaps bloat the disk size of the application. They do have a dxf import wizard that worked reasonably well when I used it, about 4 years ago. Chances are it's even better now.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
There is one included with the productivity pack of the Factory Suite Pack. Look within the Intouch 7.1 CD. (Symbol Factory is the name of the add-in)
The productivity pack that is supplied with the CD set has an add on wizard called Symbol Factory - This gives icons, textures, clipart etc. Some of it is pretty good and some is pretty bad. You could also try Reichard Controls
as they seem to do a lot of Intouch add-ons. Failing that, if you have the time and patience it is possible to create good graphics using the basic Intouch system - it may be a good idea to view other applications just to see what is possible.

You can also purchase a software tool called Truespace , it is the tool typically used to develop those 3D graphics. We have used it and while it is over kill for most jobs it allows for
some awesome graphics

TrueSpace 3D graphics software for modeling, rendering, and animation
Vendor: Caligari Corporation 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View, CA 94043
BBS: 415-390-0585 Phone: 415-390-9600 FAX: 415-390-9755 Price: $795
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Mark Massa