Wonderware & Profibus & AB - KTX Card Communication


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E. Horn

We installed a KTX card with a Profibus card on a Wonderware system. I can't get communication between the combination of the three systems. The KTX card takes control over the profibus card. The KTX card communicates to the AB SLC500 but the profibus card stops communicating the moment the KTX card is insereted in the PC slot. Both cards have different addresses so that's not the problem. If I remove the KTX card everything runs fine again. It seems as if there is a gap between profibus and KTX communication with wonderware. Help me!!!!!

James Ingraham

Several questions:

What OS?

You say "WonderWare." WonderWare is a software company that sells many different programs. I assume you mean InTouch, the HMI package, but you should clarify.

Also, which version of the WonderWare package are you using?

What is the make and model of the Profibus card?

Is the Profibus card ISA or PCI?

There is a setting in the BIOS called "Plug and Play OS Installed" or "PnP OS Installed" with a setting of "Yes" or "No", or maybe "Resources Controlled By" with a setting of "Auto" or "Manual." What is this set to in your system?

What chipset is the motherboard? (DON'T tell me "It's a Dell.")

Are you using RSLinx to control the KTX card and communicating with RSLinx, or are you using the native WonderWare drivers?

Similarly, are you using a native WonderWare driver for the Profibus card, or is there an OPC or DDE server you are talking to?

The KTX card can be either Data Highway Plus or Remote I/O. Which are you using?

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.