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Engelberth Rodriguez

Hi list, I would like to know If someone have experience using Wonderware Intouch with Siemens SIMATIC 505 Plc's connected on a TIWAY network.

I installed WW Intouch and the driver SIMATIC TI TIWAY I/O Server Driver connected to a Siemens Unilink Host Adapter to access the TIWAY
network. I'm having problems to start the SIMATIC TI TIWAY I/O Server, it doesn't start scanning automatically with the Unilink adapter. Everytime I restart the computer and/or the driver I have to reset the Unilink and to execute the "connect" command on the SIMATIC TI TIWAY I/O Server to start communication.

Any Help will be appreciated

Thanks in Advance
Ing. Engelbert Rodriguez
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The Unilink adapter should be re-initialized by the I/O server when it connects, if not, there is a problem the I/O server or the way you have it configured.

The Unilink adapter stores polling tables in its memory and will continue to poll even after the host application has been stopped. Pushing the red button clears the adapter's memory.

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Try it with the TIDIR driver just to make sure it is not something with WW.

I know WW has a problem 'reinitializing' when you are using NT4.0, and SP4. You can download a patch for SP4 from Microsoft, its called something like netddefix.exe

We've used this setup in the past many times, but have not experienced a problem like your describing.

Also, try asking at the WW Forum, they're pretty good.

Engelberth Rodriguez

Do you know what is the right way to configure the I/O Server to work with the Unilink?

Thanks In Advance

Engelbert Rodriguez

Michael Lloyd

You probably don't need to hear this but we stopped using Tiway a few years ago. CTI sells an ethernet card and driver that is all but bullet proof. Tiway is going the way of the dinosaur.