Wonderware Archestra vs iFIX


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Rodney Micallef

Hello Fellow Programmers,

My company is currently in the process of upgrading the SCADA software and would appreciate some feedback regarding this topic. What I am mostly interested in in are the advantages and disadvantages of both and how they compare when it comes to.

- easy of setting up
- managing of objects
- replication of common objects
- general infrastructure

Also considering GE has both Cimplicity and iFIX, are there any possibilities that iFIX will be killed in the near future.

Any other opinions would be appreciated
Thanks for your help
Hi Rodney,

With iFIX having 3 core releases in the last 2 years; 5.0, WebSpace and Embedded, the product looks far from being killed.

Archestra has lost the whole ease of use that InTouch brought to HMI systems, while iFIX still being the flexible SCADA, still is limited on the object oriented side of things.

Fellow Programmer