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Chris McKinnon

We would like to log Wonderware Historical Data to Microsoft Access and are curious as to if someone else has pulled this off before (without DDE?). Any feedback or advice here would be awesome. Thanks. Chris.

Larry Weinheimer

Yes, Chris, you can save historical information to an Access Database using ODBC and the SQL Access facility in InTouch. We have used this
primarily for tab-style reporting, however, with data being store in regular intervals. You wouldn't want to try to store all of your
historical information to Access because your InTouch app would spend all of its time with SQL. You can use the Wonderware History for
trending and analysis and Access for reporting. This requires some understanding of SQL and a lot of understanding of Access. If you need
more information, I may be able to send you more information if I know more specifics of what you are trying to accomplish.

Bob Peterson

I have never done this with WW but its very easy in Fix because they have some SQL instructions that do this very nicely. I am sure WW has a similar feature. If not, you should be able to come up with a VB script that does this. BUT, SQL is rather slow. If you have lots of data to collect this is not an appropriate way to handle it.

Bob Peterson
Another approach is to get the data from the Wonderware trend log files.
I have seen this done very effectively, with the trend data (and the Alarms) being imported into Access tables and then with Access
generating reports.
You can use HistData to get the trend data into text files and then in Access you can have Linked tables so that the trend data effectively
becomes an Access table.
Francis Lovering