Wonderware InControl and Modbus TCPIP IO


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Michael Sing

Has anyone used wonderware Incontrol to interface with Modbus TCPIP ethernet IO devices. Is the driver a standard driver or custom driver?

Michael Sing

Doc Williams

Check www.wonderware.com for a list of their standard IO servers. Chances are that this is an off-the-shelf I/O server. I know of a company that is using InControl to run multi-stage air compressors and I thought they were using modbus as the protocol, but I believe it was an RS485 serial protocol and not Ethernet.

Peter Nachtwey

Yes. Wonderware supplies it. I took a Modbus/TCP compatible motion controller to Wonderware engineer at trade show. He got it to go in 10 minutes. Wonderware calls it Modbus Ethernet or MBE instead of Modbus/TCP.

Bill Maglinao

Michael, Hi. You can use Wonderware's MBENET IO Server coupled with InControl's Suitelink driver to get this communications operational. There will be a modbus type driver for InControl to be re-released soon. Hope this info helped out. Bill