Wonderware InControl / Intouch


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I am looking for an unbiased opinion of Wonderware
InControl as a PC based control engine and Wonderware InTouch as an HMI. I have been a Rockwell Software user for years now a new employer doesn't use Rockwell Stuff. I would like to change that but need information.?
Does anyone have a Pro/Con list of why/why not to use Wonderware (Incontrol/InTouch)?

Ruben Osorio P.

Con: It works with windows ;). It's normal to have from time to time problems with dll's overwritten by new software who makes unstable the development platform.
Pros: I have worked with intouch almost 3 years and is very stable (i never get a "blue screen". Is easy to configurate and program.

i don't have too much to say but if you have any questions just tell me.