Wonderware Modbus Plus with Winnt Server4.0


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Thiago Miglio

Good morning.

I'm trying to configure a SA85 card at Winnt Server 4.0 SP6 using a Wonderware Server I/O drivers, and i don't know how!


I don't know what is wrong. But the modbus service failed every time with this message "...can not locate de file" than when try to connect with the PLC the wwlogger show me this message "CARD SA85:0 NOT FOUND, Bad NCB_LANA_NUM -device not found" It meams that the system could not found the card. Wonderware driver version: 7,3,0,2

What the correct steps that i need to do to make this?
Sorry about my bad english.

Tank you very much!!!

Thiago Miglio de Souza Lima
I have found in the past that you may have to change the base address of the card using the onboard DIP switches. The only way to know is to experiment. I have found that 0xDC00 works on Compaqs whereas the default 0xD000 works on Dells etc. Use the utilities that come with the card to check the driver operation as well as observing the green flashing lights before even attempting to get Wonderware working.

I hope this helps.

The first thing you need to do is load and configure the SA85 card with the driver disk included with the card. The Wonderware driver only sees the SA85 card through the Modicon driver. If you need help with the configuration please feel free to e-mail me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] . We use that exact setup at two of our plants. Unfortunately, if you don't have the disks that came with the card, you need to contact Modicon for a replacement. The driver is copyrighted and I can't just send you a copy.

Andy Ward