Wonderware - Modicon -- help with real numbers


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Does anybody know of a slick way to move a 32 bit real out of Wonderware into a Modicon Quantum and back again. I seem to be bounded by a 16 bit, 4xxxxx integer register in the Quantum. I need to move a floating point number. Anybody done it before??
If you are using concepts, define the tag in the plc as a float and give it a 4x address. It will consume that address and the next one. In wonderware, use that address but add a space and a F after the address. I've not done it with taylor, so I can't help you there.

Open the modbus/modbus plus/ethernet or whatever wonderware IO server you are using to connect. Select help then search for floating point and you should be able to choose point naming conventions for more help. they define longs, float, etc. conventions.
32 bit signed (long) are 40001 L

IEEE 32bit floating are 40001 F

Simply append a suffix, see the IOServers online manual under Item Naming Convention.