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Curious if Intouch 7.1 happens to have a symbol or object wizard/gallery such as Cimplicity that contains pumps, tanks, all that fun stuff. We are browsing the doc's nonstop and not seeing anything but the PC's that Wonderware had at training all carried such a gallery. Any Help would be cool. Thanks.

Mark Vetter - VRI

Yes, you're in luck. InTouch includes a free version of "Symbol Factory" which has hundreds of objects. Within InTouch Windowmaker, it should be available under 'Wizards', if it has been installed. If not, you can easily add it. Rerun setup from your installation CD.

FYI - You can buy a full version with thousands of objects. www.softwaretoolbox.com has it. I have found the free version is quite adequate for most projects.

Jayaharan C J

I believe you have just installed InTouch 7.0 alone.After installing InTouch run the setup again and select Productivity Pack in the list of Softwares to be installed offered by Wonderware.The productivity pack is the one that has the symbol factory utility in it and after installing this ,create a new application in Application Manager and goto Windowmaker.Under this you will find the Configure->Wizard/Active X Installation.Open this and install the list of uninstalled wizards which you will find there. You will find a good number of useful wizards in Wizards -> Symbol factory for creating your application.
Hope this will help you

Jayaharan C J